Liberty Reach: Jack Herer

This is my first Liberty Reach product I’ve purchased – a Co2 cartridge of Jack Herer.

I’m not sure I enjoy that strain so much, though i’d give it a second chance, perhaps from a different company though so I can compare. From what I remember, this strain made me feel anxious. For me, it seemed like a powerful hybrid, slightly more sativa dominant, but the heavy back of your eyes and head type of sativa. The taste was heavy and robust.

The cartridges that Liberty Reach use, at least for this buy, are a little longer and suited for full grams of oil – which in my case I only purchased .5g. The middle part was made of plastic as well as the mouth piece, which was a longer tipped mouthpiece and had a flatter tip than others i’ve used. This wasn’t terrible, however It was inconvenient to have that size of a mouthpiece because it’s just not necessary. Even selling .5 grams in 1 gram cartridges is inefficient because of the oil that will inevitably reach all surface of the inside, resulting in a layer of unused oil stuck to the inside wall. However, the atomizer lasted a refill of Cannalope Kush oil without leaking or losing performance. I’m sure I can get another refill out of it! Though – downside is that with this style of cartridge, there will always be leftover oil on the inside. Maybe if there was a different material used that would allow the oil to not stick, then I’d be all for this product.

I like the packaging – it’s flashy, simple, and modernly classic. The cartridge comes in a standard plastic tube with a rubber stopper at the end to keep it from falling out, which are perfect for storing joints in or keeping your cartridge in it during travels.

Really, I didn’t mind this oil cartridge strain by Liberty Reach – especially because it is uncut, though if they changed the cartridges they used and didn’t put .5g’s in 1g containers then buying their Co2 oil cartridges would be more enticing.

This was purchased at Uncle Ike’s for $55 dollars.

Liberty Reach Jack Herrer oil


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