Honu: Blue Dream

This is from my December holiday smoke sesh. I haven’t gotten this strain since, however I remember it being awesome. I wish I would have gotten more photos, though I didn’t expect to start writing about what I’ve tried before until recently.

First off, I wanna say I remember the brand “Honu” being quality. This .5g wax had an excellent near crumble texture. Easy to control with your fingers, though I still recommend using a dab tool of some sort to manipulate the wax incase your fingers are too warm and ends up melting a bit while handling it. It came in a small plastic container that was easy to close and open, and presented on a small piece of wax paper which ensured an easier wax to smoking unit application (you know, because sometimes it will stick to the container itself depending on the consistency).

The packaging for this concentrate is standard for nearly all non oil cartridge concentrates: manufacturer sealed by a tear off top that is then sealed by a re-openable zip lock bag type feature. Sometimes the tear off top doesn’t always tear off evenly, as you can see in the photo below.

As far as the smoke goes, it burnt nicely and didn’t have the solvent heavy – yet subtle – undertone taste like some concentrates do. It was clean and was the perfect strain to smoke in the late afternoon to early evening. For me, It was a nice refreshing head high with enough body to it that didn’t seem over bearing and would help keep me organizing my record collection without a spacey distraction. I’d be curious to try this strain by Honu again but in flower form.