Vuber Carrying Case

The Vuber Carrying Case makes it easy to carry the perfect amount of items anywhere you go. I’ve been wanting a case like this for a while – I’ve used a snap closing hardshell case for my items, a pull tie soft shell satchel, spread out in my messenger bag or backpack, or even just in my pocket, which sometimes I would forget about and when I would sit down I’d end up sitting on my concentrate pen, which eventually broke because of that. So, I came across this travel case on the companies website (link below) and It made my life a lot easier.

The case is hard enough to protect what’s inside, has 3 pockets and 2 straps to hold down the battery of your vape pens, dab tool, poker stick, etc. I chose to use my case for my concentrate collection. You could also use it to store flower, papers, filters, lighters, hemp wick, etc. If you have the Vuber Atlas Globe like I do and choose to keep it inside this case, you will have to disassemble the globe top to store it as shown, otherwise it will be a tight squeeze when you zip the case shut. It holds my Vuber Wax Concentrate pen nicely, however my Oil Cartridge pen (Made by?) doesn’t seem to hold as well in the strap (pictured last on the right side of pouch, left strap next to metal dab tool) and can easily slide out of place when the case is closed and you’re traveling.

This case is awesome but could be improved in a couple ways. It’d be nice if the pockets were all facing the same direction (refer to last picture, left side pockets are upside down and right side pocket it right side up). This gets annoying and I feel like I need to open the case lying flat otherwise something might fall out of the pocket since it’s upside down. I’d also make the straps adjustable to accommodate smaller concentrate pens like the one I have in the photo. Maybe improve the elastic used, or add a third strap but have it focus more on smaller items such as most oil concentrate pens, dab tools, poking sticks, etc. Lastly, I definitely wouldn’t complain if the case was a tad more hardshell, however I definitely wouldn’t complain if it stayed exactly how it is now.

Overall this is an excellent case that i’d recommend, and for the price it’s totally worth saving the hassle of potentially loose and broken items. Keep your belongings together and safe!


Price: $6.99

vuber casevuber case 2