These candies rock! Terrible unintended pun, but for real – these kill it. There are a few different flavors, though i’ve only had the Berry & lemongrass kinds. Both taste great! For me these candies aren’t too sweet, and the flavor of cannabis isn’t overwhelming on the throat. I was able to taste the cannabis more in the berry flavor whereas the lemongrass flavored candies seem to mask the cannabis taste better.

The packaging is cardboard and the tin is vacuum sealed. The candies are separated in pods. Each pod is 10mg worth of thc which are made up by two 5mg circular flat back shaped candies. The candy is in a plastic with no re-closeable method. It’s tough to get the candy out unless you have something with a sharp end, which in my case I sometimes will use my dab tool. If you only want a 5mg dose you’ll most likely leave the other 5mg piece of candy in the pod, which might end up falling out in the tin and you may have broken pieces everywhere. Maybe if these candies were contained in a pill package with the foil on the back that the medicine tablet would pop out of then it’d be easier.

Like any edible, these kick in after an hour + give or take, depending on the person. For me it takes about 2 hours before feeling anything. They are great for traveling, especially plane rides! They’re really great for any time. The strains used aren’t specified, though they feel like a nice smooth sailing easy going balance of sativa and indica.

I’ve only purchased these at Ganja Goddess because they were cheaper than any other place i’ve seen them for ($32 +/- for 100mg vs. $40). I wonder if Ganja Goddess still holds that price. I need more!